Portable fire extinguishers are perhaps the most familiar fire protection devices in your building. It is your first line of defense. Like all aspects of your fire protection system, a fire extinguisher is only effective if it is properly maintained and used.

To ensure your fire extinguisher will function properly when needed, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), O.S.H.A., your insurance provider, and your local building inspectors require you to perform monthly and annual inspections in accordance with the codes and standards of NFPA.

NFPA 10, Local AHJ’s and Insurance Underwriters require your fire extinguishers to:

  • conform to the applicable NFPA standards for installation
  • be inspected monthly
  • be inspected and tested annually by an authorized certified fire protection professional
  • undergo scheduled maintenance at 6 and 12 year intervals

At National Fire Safety, our state certified, fire protection specialists check/monitor that:

You have the correct type of portable fire extinguishers in appropriate locations throughout your facility

Their physical and mechanical condition complies with NFPA and other regulations, as well as your insurance requirements

Your fire extinguishers’ mandatory recharge and pressure testing dates are documented. All test results are in accordance with NFPA 10

Life safety is our profession, and we are passionate about protecting yours. We pride ourselves on delivering quality customer service everyday. Rest assured that our inspections go far beyond the code guidelines. Every business and application is different. It is the responsibility of our certified technicians to gain an understanding of your operation and perform thorough and competent inspections and recommendations as to your business.

Because fire extinguishers are your first line of defense, building occupants must be familiar with and comfortable using them. As a full-service fire protection company, National Fire Safety helps you select and properly install your fire extinguishers. We also provide safety training for your staff and tenants.


NFPA 10 requires a thorough annual examination of your portable fire extinguishers’ mechanical parts, extinguishing agent, and expelling means by an approved fire protection service.

These annual maintenance and functional tests for portable fire extinguishers include but not limited to:

  • Condition of tires, wheels, carriage, hose, and nozzle (for wheeled units)
  • Conductivity test of all carbon dioxide and hose assemblies
  • Ensure extinguishers are in proper operating condition
  • Check safety seals, tags, pressure gauge reading, HMIS table
  • Empty and recharge all stored pressure-loaded stream fire extinguishers
  • Determine six-year maintenance or hydro-static test
  • Inspect shell and nameplate
  • Check hanger and proper mounting

After any maintenance, we install new tamper seals with fully documented test results as required by NFPA 10. In addition, we provide reports for your local building officials and insurance carrier. The regulations governing the inspection, testing, and documentation for fire extinguishers can be complex and overwhelming. We strongly recommend that you rely on a reputable fire protection service to take care of your portable fire extinguishers.

We also provide complimentary training to your personnel on monthly visual inspections, in addition to portable fire extinguisher training programs.


Cutting Insurance Rates with
Improved Fire Protection Programs

Your insurance policy is the number one driving factor in making the Life Safety decisions of your business. There is no cut rate insurance plan for life safety. You either meet the codes or you don’t. Your business protection and payment on claims depends on it. Additionally, it is up to the business owners to ensure all life safety inspections are completed and ensured compliant by qualified service providers. Insurance companies are not in business to pay claims, but rather focus on keeping businesses safe with claim avoidance. That’s where we come in.


Your life safety program is an extension of your business insurance policy. All of the mandated inspections and services performed lessen the risk associated with your business. This directly reflects in your premium rates. Count on us to meet the minimum requirements and maximize the reduction of risk. This benefits both your business health and your bottom line. The principle is the same as having an anti-theft device in your car. If you have one, you’ll get better rates. We work directly with your insurance provider to maximize your savings based on this same principle.


Our exclusive Rate Assurance Program guarantees maximum insurance savings, eliminates claim issues, and enables your Life Safety Protection Program to pay for itself. National Fire Safety has the respect from insurance companies, contractors, building officials, fire marshals, and more. We train them at our own state of the art training facility. Now that’s Respect!

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