As vital component of your fire protection system, your sprinkler system protects your building and its occupants, as well as emergency first responders and lives depend on it being fully functional.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), O.S.H.A., your insurance provider, and your local building inspectors require you to perform monthly and annual inspections in accordance with the codes and standards of NFPA. NFPA 25, bylaws set out frequent, detailed inspections and tests for your sprinkler system throughout the year. We understand the mechanical and electrical systems involved and have the experience and expertise to do the job safely. Our certified fire protection specialists take pride in performing thorough inspections and tests. Our commitment to a high-quality fire protection service ensures that your building’s sprinkler system is operational & operates as designed in the time of need.

Inspection Requirements

Your sprinkler system, including backflow preventers, fire hose, and fire pumps should be monitored constantly.  The requirements set forth in NFPA 25 and other industry standards are not easily understood and can be overwhelming.  We take pride as fire protection specialists to ensure compliance with these codes as well as your insurance company requirements.  In addition, all defiencies are reported directly to you and take immediate corrective action.

Annual Inspections

NFPA 25, Local AHJ’s  & Your Insurance Underwriter require that you visually inspect your sprinkler system each year.

General overview: visually inspect for proper installation and any apparent changes, alterations, additions or damage

Visually inspect operation/condition of all valves, gauges, piping, bracing, sprinklers, mechanical and electrical alarms, pumps and all other associated hardware

Wet and dry sprinkler systems, meanwhile, face different testing requirements. Annual functional testing includes:

  • Wet system water flow alarm using the inspector’s test connection
  • Wet system main drain water flow
  • Dry system trip test with the control valve partially open
  • Drain dry system auxiliary low point drains before each winter

In addition, on the appropriate years, our fire protection technicians ensure your system complies with the three, five and 10/20/50-year tests set out in NFPA 25 and other regulatory requirements including:


  • Dry system full-flow trip, conducted through the inspector’s test valve, with the control valve open
  • Dry system air leakage


  • Sprinklers—extra-high temperature/corrosive atmosphere
  • Standpipe—full-flow test from a remote point
  • Manual/dry standpipes—hydrostatic test
  • Full-flow hose connection pressure reducing valves
  • Hydrostatic—Siamese connections (every three years in some locations)

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Cutting Insurance Rates with
Improved Fire Protection Programs

Your insurance policy is the number one driving factor when it comes to making the Life Safety decisions of your business. There is no cut rate insurance plan for life safety, you either meet the codes or not, it is that simple, and your business protection and payment on claims depends on it. It is up to the business owners to ensure that all life safety inspections are completed and ensured compliant by qualified service provider. Insurance companies are not in business to pay claims, but rather focus on keeping businesses safe with claim avoidance and that is where we come in.


Your life safety program is considered as an extension of your business insurance policy. All of the mandated inspections and services performed, lessen the risk associated with your business, which in turn, directly reflects in your premium rates. You count on us, not only to meet the minimum requirements but to maximize the reduction of risk to benefit both your business health, and your bottom line. The principle is the same as having an anti-theft device in your car, if you have one, you’ll get better rates. We work directly with your insurance provider to maximize your savings based on this same principle.


Our exclusive Rate Assurance Program all but guarantees that you are getting the maximum insurance savings, eliminating claim issues, and virtually enabling your Life Safety Protection Program to pay for itself. At National Fire Safety, we have gained the respect from your insurance companies, contractors, building officials, fire marshals, and more, so much so, that we train them at own state of the art training facility. Now That’s Respect!

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