For over 35 years, National Fire Safety has been assisting clients with every aspect of their life safety protection. Setting us apart is our exclusive Core Compliance Armor. This provides you with the most comprehensive Life Safety Protection Program available, driven by technology to lower costs with on site service. It also grants you the best value, while guaranteeing compliance and providing overall Life Safety.

Mobile Service Plans

With our extensive industry experience, we have our pricing for our customers down to a science. We base our costs on the size of your business, which is directly proportional to the number of fire extinguishers that should be present. This makes it easy for our customers to estimate costs as low as $ 1.50 per portable fire extinguisher inspection. With the best computer software available, we are able to successfully project testing of all of your equipment and provide accurate budget amounts for our customers annually.

Flex Appeal Plans

Flex Appeal Plans start at $1.99 a month.

…Yes, only $1.99 a month! Fire Safety shouldn’t be an expense that breaks the bank. You should feel good about ensuring your business’ safety and save money at the same time. The fees for violating OSHA guidelines can be very costly, but we can guarantee that you will never have to worry about that again. Here at National Fire Safety, we want to provide you with lifetime security – both structurally and financially.

Signing on the Dotted Line

At National Fire Safety, we never hold our clients to a binding contract. We stand behind our product and service guarantees 100%. There is no need
to hide behind a contract. Thanks to our industry experience, our agreement terms and pricing are presented up front. We choose to do this, rather than continue to apologize for poor quality and lack of service down the road. If we can’t deliver on our promises, we do not deserve your business.