Essential Tips for Selecting Service Providers

It begins with our on-site technicians, each are Trained, Qualified and Certified (T.Q.C.), as required by the National Fire Protection Association.  Each are fully insured employees, and carry all of the appropriate identification badges, clearance & service credentials.  With over 100 years of experience and our extensive continued education and training programs, our technicians are regarded as the top professionals in the industry.  Equipped with all of the tools of the trade, our team of professionals stand ready to serve you.

All About Risk

Your life safety program is considered as an extension of your business insurance policy.  All of the mandated inspections and services performed, lesson the risk associated with your business, which in turn, directly reflects in your premium rates.  You count on us, not only to meet the minimum requirements but to maximize the reduction of risk to benefit both your business health, and your bottom line.  The principle is the same as having an anti-theft device in your car, if you have one, you’ll get better rates. We work directly with your insurance provider to maximize your savings based on this same principle.

Rate Assurance

Our exclusive Rate Assurance Program all but guarantees that you are getting the maximum insurance savings, eliminating claim issues, and virtually enabling your Life Safety Protection Program to pay for itself.

At the National Fire Safety , we have gained the respect from your insurance companies, contractors, building officials, fire marshals, and more, so much so, that we train them at own state of the art training facility.