Quality of Service

– Code Compliance Guarantee
– Electronic Inspection Reporting
– Automated PM Planning
– Dedicated Account Management
– On Site Service and Repair
– Automated Equipment Management
– Trained, Qualified & Certified Technicians
– Reduced Insurance Premiums
– Violation Abatement
– 24/7 Fast, Reliable Service & More

Complete Mobile Service

– Fully Equipped
– Mobile Dispatched
– Complete Inventory
– Tools of the Trade
– Equipped to complete the inspections and repairs on site, keeping our costs down and passing the savings onto our customers


With our automated PM Planner, our customers are ensured timely service for each of their required inspections, hence the reasoning behind our code compliance guarantees. Understanding the code requirements is our job, and keeping our clients in compliance is our mission. If for any reason we are late for a service, it is on us, compliance is that important tp both of us.

Security Notification

Our staff managed advanced scheduling system puts our clients at ease. Customers are alerted of upcoming services via email or text message, then notified the day prior to service with not only time of service, but the name of our inspector with their photo L.D. as well for security purposes. We take pride in our professionalism, and you deserve it.

Record Keeping

Record Keeping Each of our inspection reports , certificates, proposals, images , code requirements , account history & more are sent to our clients electronically and arejust seconds away from our clients in any time of need. We are your on demand compliance center, and all of your records are just a click away.

Complete Mobile Service

Is my Business Protected? – Insurance
What is Required of You? – The Law
Code Compliance Guarantees

–  Pass Every Inspection

Code Changes – Insurance Woes
Customer be Wary – Service Provider Requirements?  . . . . . . . .  (T.Q.C.)

FREE Compliance Surveys
FREE Employee trainings
Low Cost Life Safety Inspection Plans – Starting at just $1.99 /month

Flex Appeal – Interest Free Pay Plans

A: Historically Low Rates Made Switching A No Brainer
Now more than ever, business owners must make the life safety decisions based on much more than good pricing.  Not all service providers are the same.  Make no mistake about it, there are many non-certified, under insured, nonqualified companies out there, none of which are acceptable by your insurance provider, let alone your local authorities.